Solar DC Freezer_Refrigerator



110L solar freezer with complete system for household

  • Brand Name : VIGOR or OEM
  • Condition : New
  • Power Source : Solar,Battery and Other
  • Compressor Type : High performance DC compressor
  • Refrigerant : R134a
  • Climate : N/ST/T
 VIGOR Solar Freezer can stand alone with a temperature range from cooling to freezing. It serves as either a freezer and the removable basket shelf keeps small items within easy reach. This energy saving product is ideal for the family that needs extra storage space in the home, farm, in an office, or for pharmaceuticals.

Specification & Description

 Specifically made to operate from Solar PV System

 Superior Insulation

 Efficient 12V/24V refrigeration system

 Low Power Consumption

 No Electrical Bills

 No CO2 Emissions

 Efficient 12V/24V DC Compressor

 Low Power Consumption makes best of available power

 Solar PV Modules System available for each model

 Silent Operation

 Low Voltage cut-off to protect batteries                                     

*Adjustable internal temperature: Yes                 

*Temperature Range(°C/°F): Up to a max -18/ -0.4

*Environment-friendly refrigerant R134a,CFC free       

*Fast and stable cooling due to quality dc compressor                                

*High temperature resistance and energy saving                 
*Automatically turn off at low voltage                                      
*Wire basket for content storage                               
*AC-DC converter is for option     

To operate, there are three ways:

To operate, this unit requires a mono/poly solar panel, gel or AGM deep-cycle battery and a solar charge controller. If you already have a 12 volt battery system installed, you can operate all of our products with a 12 - 24v 7 amp step-up converter (relatively inexpensive and some brands are up to 95% efficient). Easy installation by an electrician, or we can provide guided instructions to install.

A)Solar Panel

B)Solar Electric Controller

C)Deep Cycle Battery
D)VIGOR Solar Freezer or VIGOR Solar Refrigerator


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